Sunday, August 29, 2010

Slight change on Blog Comments

Just an FYI, we have changed to a new comment setting. We have been getting more and more spam as comments on our blog entries. So to save us from manually deleting these nuisance messages, we have implemented a delay in the comments so we have to approve of them prior to publishing. We will do it as soon as the comments are received, so you shouldn't notice too much of a delay in seeing your wonderful bits of feedback in print for worldwide consumption. Thanks again for reading and making this such a fun way to share our life.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Andrew's Big Boy Bed

A couple weeks ago we transitioned Andrew to sleep in a toddler bed. It has been quite the experience. When we came home from vacation he started climbing out of his crib, so we decided we better put him in the bed so he doesn't end up hurting himself.
My mom got him the cute comforter set with cars and trucks on it. And we found the matching rug on clearance for $5!
Andrew has been doing better at sleeping in his big boy bed, and is very excited to show it off to those who visit. He still gets up at least once after we put him down for nap or bedtime. We think he just likes to be tucked in more than once. We're hoping this trend does not stay long.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Micah's Birthday

At the beginning of the month it was Micah's birthday. On his birthday Andrew and I came and got him from work to go to a midwife appointment, and then out to lunch. For lunch we went to a Vietnamese restaurant near our house. Micah loves Pho soup, and it's not something I enjoy, so he rarely gets it. We were surprised at how much Andrew ate while we were at the restaurant. He loved the soy bean sprouts, and ate everything we gave him. He especially liked the free ice cream for dessert.
Tomorrow we get to celebrate Micah's birthday some more on our date night. We are going to the Crab Pot in Seattle, and then to Volunteer Park to watch a Shakespeare play.