Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mom and Dad's New House

My mom and dad are having a house built. This has been there dream for as long as I can remember. They kept their first house and used it as a rental house, and now they have torn down the old house and are now building their dream home. The Powell Brother builders are the ones who are working on it. They broke ground at the beginning of February and already have a lot of work done. It is fun to go over and see what has been done each week. Here is a picture of the house that was taken last week. We also went over yesterday and they already had all the windows in, the roof shingles done and some of the plumbing done.
Micah and I are excited that it is coming together so quickly. When my parents' house is finished they will move in and then we will move into their old house, and then Justin will move into ours. We are all selling to each other. It is kind of funny, but the housing market is so crazy this just makes the most sense.

Pregnant Pictures

Here are a few shots that show how my belly has grown over the last few months. The first picture was taken when I was four months along. The second picture was taken two weeks ago when I was six months along. And the third picture was taken last night, I am now 27 weeks along--starting the third trimester, yikes! It is weird for me to look at pictures because my tummy seems bigger to me that it looks in pictures. Maybe that's because I'm not used to having my stomach stick out, so it seems bigger than it really is.
Also, we are able to feel Andy moving more and more. It is fun to sit and feel him kick and hit. Micah has been able to feel him a couple of times. We find it works best when I lay down and Micah just leaves his hand on my tummy for a while (it can take up to 10 minutes or more before Andy will cooperate).

Andy's Room

I cannot believe how fast my pregnancy is going by. We only have about three more months until our due date. Micah and I have been busy getting things ready for when Andy comes. So far we have the crib, mattress, bedding set, changing table/dresser and a pack and play. It has been fun putting his room together. We decided to decorate Andy's room with a jungle theme. There were a few reasons we chose this: it is gender neutral so can be used again for when baby #2 comes, my mom and dad's house that we will be buying this summer has a room that already has a palm tree border on the walls, and I have been give a couple of gifts that fit the jungle theme. I have also started loving giraffes, the ones on the baby things are so cute! We got our bedding set from Babies R Us, I love it, it is so cute! And on the comforter the animals are different textures (the elephant is a kind of corduroy, the monkey is a soft plush, etc.). They are fun to touch. Hope you enjoy the pictures!