Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mom and Dad's New House

My mom and dad are having a house built. This has been there dream for as long as I can remember. They kept their first house and used it as a rental house, and now they have torn down the old house and are now building their dream home. The Powell Brother builders are the ones who are working on it. They broke ground at the beginning of February and already have a lot of work done. It is fun to go over and see what has been done each week. Here is a picture of the house that was taken last week. We also went over yesterday and they already had all the windows in, the roof shingles done and some of the plumbing done.
Micah and I are excited that it is coming together so quickly. When my parents' house is finished they will move in and then we will move into their old house, and then Justin will move into ours. We are all selling to each other. It is kind of funny, but the housing market is so crazy this just makes the most sense.

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