Friday, October 31, 2008

Grandparent Rendezvous in Minneapolis

Micah's mom had been planning on flying to Fargo to visit Micah's brother and our sister in law who just had a baby. Yes, Andy has a new cousin. Her name is Violet. And Micah's dad was going to surprise her and come along on the trip. So, Micah thought it would be fun if we also surprised her and came to visit for a few hours in Minneapolis while they had a layover before their flight to Fargo.
Alaska Airlines just started flying to Minneapolis last week, so we would be able to use Micah's flight benefits to fly out there. And the flights had plenty of open seats since it is a new route and not very many people know about it yet. It took some convincing for me to say yes. But we did decide to make the quick 13 hour trip. We were going to keep it a secret from his mom, but ended up telling her a few hours before we left so she wouldn't want to catch an earlier flight to Fargo. So yesterday we left Seattle at 7:30am and flew to Minneapolis.
While we were there we ate lunch, sat in a family seating area, had fun visiting and played with Andrew. We thought it would be great for Micah's parents to get to see Andy at this stage since he is so much fun right now. And they definatly don't get to see him enough. The next time they will be able to spend time with him isn't until Christmas. They really appreciated us coming out there, if only for 6 hours. The time for our flight came too soon, and it was time to say good-bye. So we headed back home to Seattle and touched down at Sea-Tac at 8:30pm. Micah's parents are now having fun visiting with Troy, LaRae, Eden and Violet. We are looking forward to December when we all get to be together.

4 Month Check Up

On Wednesday we took Andrew in for his 4 month check up. He now weighs in at 12 lbs. 12.5 oz. and is 25 inches long. It is so much fun to see how much he is growing! And he did get two shots, but he didn't even cry this time. It was so nice, hopefully it goes that well each time.
Speaking of shots, we have decided to space out his vaccinations. He is only going to get half his shots this month, and then we are going to take him in next month for the other two shots. We didn't like the idea of him getting injected with little bits of all the different diseases. This way he only has to deal with a smaller amount of diseases at a time.

Reaching and Grabbing

Andrew is now realizing he can use his hands. He has been reaching for things, and can grab onto them now. It is so fun to watch! I can tell he is really thinking and concentrating on getting the toy that is in front of him. He really likes his jungle mat that has toys to reach for. The kitty on the right is holding a ball that plays music when he hits it, too fun.
And last week I put some links and toys hanging from our coffee table so that he could reach and grab those too. He really likes it, and I can let him play on his own for a little bit while I fold laundry or check emails or whatever.
However, he is also starting to grab other things as well. It is not so fun when he grabs our skin (ouch!), hair or clothes. Thankfully he has not started grabbing for our food. I'm sure it won't be too much longer until he does, though.

Finished Patio

Here are some pictures of the finished patio at my parent's house. Doesn't it look great? Micah ran electrial lines to the planter in the center, and also to the pond which is on the south side of the patio. Justin put in all the pavers. What a lot of work, and it looks fabulous.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Hike to Starbucks

On Sunday Micah and I strapped Andy into the Baby Bjorn and walked to the nearest Starbucks for breakfast. It was a beautiful, crisp autumn day. We walked down to Lake Fenwick and took the trail down the hill into the valley and then continued along Meeker Street. It ended up being a little over four miles round trip. When we got to Starbucks we weren't sure we were going to be able to walk ALL the way back since we had a huge hill to go up. And if we took the trail it meant we had to climb LOTS of stairs. So we thought about taking the bus back, but we ended up missing it and ended up walking and taking the road home instead of taking the trail.
Andrew was supposed to nap the entire time we walked down to Starbucks, but he ended up only sleeping for about a half an hour. And on the way back he only slept for about ten minutes. But he looked really cute sleeping in the Bjorn.

Micah Working at My Parent's House

Every Thursday we go over to my parent's house for dinner, and then we watch Survivor. This last Thursday Justin and Micah worked out in my parent's back yard. They were getting ready for putting in the patio. They had to break up some concrete so they could plant a tree by one of the posts. That is why they are wearing the lovely eye wear. On Saturday Micah again went over to work on their yard. Justin finished the patio and Micah worked on some electrial work, so now there is an electrial outlet in the middle of the patio and another going to the pond. I need to take some pictures of it finished and then I will post them.

Napping with Grandpa

Andrew and Grandpa taking a nap together after dinner.


Andrew loves being in his exersaucer. It is so wonderful to be able to put him in it so he can entertain himself. I put him in it when I eat breakfast and lunch and also when I'm cooking dinner. On Saturday he even sat in it while my friend Lyndsay came over and we stamped and made cards. Our good friends Heather and Dave gave the exersaucer to us. They have blessed us with lots of their baby things they don't need anymore. They are fabulous! In fact, most of Andrew's clothes are from them. They had two boys, so she had lots of super cute boy clothes.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Great Grandma Galicic

Here is a picture of me, Andy, and my mom with my grandma. I am so thankful to still have her in my life. I love seeing her with Andrew, she is so cute.

Sick Mommy

Well, I just got over my first time being sick and having a baby to take care of. It sure is hard to be sick when you still have be a mom. And it was a horrible sickness too. I had a bad sore throat and a fever that lasted for almost five days. I was sick from Saturday to Thursday of last week. Thankfully Micah was a huge help and was able to bring me meals, play with Andy and change him. And I was very thankful that Andy has not gotten sick. The doctor said babies can get colds pretty easily, but they usually don't get sore throats. Now I just hope Micah and no one else gets what I got.