Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Snow and Heating the Crawl Space

Snow in Seatlle! It is fun when we get snow here. The whole city shuts down. Earlier this month we got 4 inches. Cooler weather prompted an investigation of the efficiency in which our house was being heated. I noticed a lack of airflow in the bathroom and master bedroom. Upon bundling up, brandishing Maglite and "Spider Defense Tool" (a long stick) I ventured into the unknown (the crawl space underneath our house). While I was down there I noticed how hot it was; it was warmer than it was in the house. I crawled around looking at the duct work to see if I could find a hole. During my trek I collected a plethora of cobwebs on my "Spider Defense Tool." I then found the problem--there was a four foot section of the duct work that had fallen down. I proceeded to re-attach and patch up the ducts. Afterwards, our radiant floor heating wasn't as nice but the house heated up more efficiently. Note: This document was written and edited by Kim, because I have been remiss in my blogging duties.

Kim's Birthday

Kim's Birthday was on December 5th and we had a wonderful weekend together hanging out and catching a movie. We went to eat at Salty's at Redondo (a nice seafood restuarant). We also went to see the latest Jane Austen book made into a movie, Pride and Predjudice and did some Christmas shopping. It was a lot of fun. On Sunday, we went downtown with Kim's family to celebrate with them too. We ate at another seafood restaurant on Lake Union called Rock Salt. Then we all walked around downtown looking at the Christmas decorations and doing some window shopping. All in all it was a wonderful weekend.