Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Snow and Heating the Crawl Space

Snow in Seatlle! It is fun when we get snow here. The whole city shuts down. Earlier this month we got 4 inches. Cooler weather prompted an investigation of the efficiency in which our house was being heated. I noticed a lack of airflow in the bathroom and master bedroom. Upon bundling up, brandishing Maglite and "Spider Defense Tool" (a long stick) I ventured into the unknown (the crawl space underneath our house). While I was down there I noticed how hot it was; it was warmer than it was in the house. I crawled around looking at the duct work to see if I could find a hole. During my trek I collected a plethora of cobwebs on my "Spider Defense Tool." I then found the problem--there was a four foot section of the duct work that had fallen down. I proceeded to re-attach and patch up the ducts. Afterwards, our radiant floor heating wasn't as nice but the house heated up more efficiently. Note: This document was written and edited by Kim, because I have been remiss in my blogging duties.


Luke Storer said...

I enjoyed hearing the story again... You already told it over the phone, but it was fun to see the pictures

Bryan Foster said...

You gotta update your blog bud.