Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt at the Cove

Saturday was an absolutely gorgeous day for an Easter egg hunt. We ended up going to the Cove in Normandy Park where my parents live. It is right on the Puget Sound, and it is where we had our wedding reception. The views were beautiful, and it was a clear day so we could see the Olympic Mountains. Thankfully we got there early and scouted out a good place to start. They just had big squares marked out for each age group with lots of candy "hidden" in the tall grass.
It was so funny to watch Andrew. He would just squat down and put as much candy into his bucket as he could find, then walk a little ways and squat down again to put in more candy. He got tons! We actually had to tell him to stop even before all the candy was gone because we didn't want him to get too much candy. Afterwards we walked to the beach and took some pictures.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Going to the Fire Station

Last week we took the boys to visit Micah's cousin, Jared, at the fire station he works at. All the firefighters were really nice, and were great at showing Andrew everything. Micah enjoyed getting to put on all the gear, especially since it said "Storer". Andrew really liked going to the fire house and seeing the fire truck and aid cars.

In front of one of the aid cars.
Sitting on the front of the fire truck with two of the fire fighters who showed us the fire truck while Jared was out on a call.
Jared showing Andrew how he puts on all his gear.
The Storer boys.
Daddy and Andrew