Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Aviation Day

This last Saturday was Aviation Day. To celebrate Alaska Airlines had a BBQ for their employees. We got to go to the Alaska hanger at the airport to check out some cool airplanes and rescue vehicles. Then we ate dinner in the hanger. We invited our friends John, Tricia and Aaron to join in the fun since we could get 3 extra tickets.
Disneyland here we come! (Or at least we wish we were on this plane to the happiest place on earth.)
The airport fire truck.
Looking at the inner workings of the airplane. (This was Micah's favorite part.)
Andrew and Aaron in one of the engines.
Mommy and Andrew ready to fly the plane.
One of the highlights was seeing the F-15 jet; it even took off (straight up in the air) while we were there.
We stopped in at Micah's work so Tricia and Aaron could see the simulators.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Soma School

Last week we hosted an attendee of Soma School, a training that our church does for church planters. We had lots of fun getting to know Brian while he was staying with us. He also has two boys that are each about a year older than our boys, so we had lots to talk about, and he got along great with Andrew and Josiah. It was also fun to hear about all he was learning, and how God was teaching him. Hopefully we will get to meet the rest of his family sometime soon.

First Mariner's Game

Last night we took the boys to their first ever baseball game. Micah won tickets through work since Alaska Airlines is one of the sponsors for the Mariners they had a special Alaska employee night. Along with the tickets we got food vouchers too.
Since we were going with the boys we decided to get to Safeco early so that we could also leave early. It was a beautiful evening, the sun was shining and it was in the high 50s, so not too cold. We found some cheap parking and walked a few blocks to the stadium. Poor Micah had to carry both boys part of the way.
When we first got in the stadium we walked down close to the field so Andrew could see the baseball players.
Then we looked around at some of the food vendors to see what our options were for dinner. We also headed over to the kids play area. Andrew loved climbing up in the tunnels. He also liked going in the lookout areas and watching the train go by.

We only ended up sitting in our seats for the pre-game stuff while we ate dinner (Andrew and I shared a cheeseburger from Kidd Valley and Micah had a BBQ brisket sandwich; both were really good) and we also stayed in our seats for the first inning. By then it was time for Josiah to eat and get ready for bed so we went down to the first level to do that.
Before we left we used the rest of our food vouchers to get some chocolate dipped strawberries. So good! I love how both Andrew and Josiah are going for the shiskaberries in this picture. But of course Josiah could not have any.
We ended up having a wonderful time and look forward to taking them again sometime.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Josiah at 7 Months

Josiah has been very busy this month. He has gotten his second tooth, learned to roll from his back to his tummy, and he has learned to scoot around. He is really getting around now! Sometimes he even gets up on his hands and knees and does one "crawl" motion. Mostly, he rolls, turns himself in a circle and scoots. He loves to roll over to where we keep the toys and chew on anything and everything he can get his hands on.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Sleepy Baby

Josiah was just so sleepy that he ended up falling asleep on the floor while I was going through my clothes getting rid of ones I don't wear anymore. I think he looks so precious; especially the way he grabbed the arm of my sweater and put it over his face. So cute!