Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Picture of Kim & Micah

Here is a fairly recent picture of Kim and I. It was taken by my Uncle Ron Storer with my Pocket PC Phone at Troy and LaRae's wedding rehearsal.

Well that is it. I have done it. I emailed all of you now so you could find this.

I am quite concerned with how this whole blogging thing will work out. I really don't enjoy writing that much. However, I really do want to let all of my friends know how things are going with me. So to catch you up to speed. Here we go.

I moved to Seattle in 2000 as a result of being hired by FlightSafetyBoeing as a simulator technician. I have worked there ever since even though there has been name changes and the company has changed owners. I now work for Boeing.

Got married to Kimberlee (maiden name Galicic) Dec. 28 2002

We have been having a great life. God has blessed us in many ways. We lived in a Condo for the first two years of our marriage then sold it and are working on the house pictured below. It was her parents rental house.

Currently we are residing in Al and Caroline's (Kim's Parents) basement. This has been wonderful. They were kind enough to offer us a place to live while we were getting the house ready. Our current plan is to finish the house by July and move in then.

Future plans involve a Brasil missions trip with our church to Natal and Caruaru to visit some missionaries CBSR (Church by the Side of the Road) supports there.

The Livingroom "Before"

Here is a picture of the livingroom before we tore out the built in
cabinets and painted.

Our new House

Kim and I are purchasing this house from her parents.

It used to be a rental so we are having a lot of fun fixing it up. So
far we have gutted it of all doors, molding, kitchen cabinets, and

We have repainted it and are planning on putting in laminate wood
flooring and tile next.

Wow! This is great. The world is my Burrito! (Taco Del Mar Burrito of course)

Well, this is it world. I am officially a blogger now. I hear it is the in thing to do. I now have the ability to let anyone or everyone know what is going on in my life. Of course I will have to write more often that I have in the past. Which only the future will determine the success of that. But here's to good intentions. I will have to continue this adventure later. I need to procrastinate first.