Monday, February 23, 2009

My Studly Husband

Yesterday Micah went on the Chilly Hilly bike ride around Bainbridge Island. It was a 33 mile ride that goes up and down A LOT of hills. He had lots of fun, and even said it wasn't as bad as he thought it would be. And he said he saw some dads with their kids either on a tandem bike or hauling them behind them. Maybe Andy will get to go on a bike ride with Daddy in a couple of years.

New Foods

Now that Andrew is nearing 8 months he has gotten to try some new and exciting foods. He has had Multigrain Cheerios and mangoes so far, soon he will get to try yogurt, cheese and chicken. On Friday I got together with my friend Lyndsay and we made two chicken dinners (one with peaches and one with applesauce). Andy will get to try some chicken tomorrow, I'm curious to see what he thinks about it. He has loved the Cheerios since he gets to pick them up and feed himself. It is fun to watch since his dexterity isn't all there yet. He ends up getting most of the Cheerios in the highchair rather than in his mouth, but he sure has fun trying.
It was fun to hang out with Lyndsay and the boys. Jack and Andy are getting so big. They even played on the floor together while we were making some of their food. Well, they didn't really play "together", it was more Jack taking things from Andy and Andy watching Jack and smiling at him. But it was fun to watch them interact.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Lion King

On Thursday we celebrated Christmas and Valentine's Day. Micah got me tickets to the Lion King for Christmas, and it was finally our show date. Before the show we went to a crepe restaurant for lunch. I love crepes, and we finally found a good crepe place in Seattle. It is the Crepe Cafe and Wine Bar, and they have yummy crepes. We had a nice lunch, and then headed to the show. The Lion King is amazing. The costumes are so incredibly fabulous. I kept wishing Andrew was old enough to go, there were lots of kids there. It was a nice day for me and Micah to spend some alone time together and do some fun stuff.

Andrew Update

Andrew has been doing some new things lately, and it is so much fun to watch. Here are some of the things he is doing:
1. When he sees our cat, Leo, he makes a sound and it is the same sound each time, and he only uses it when he sees Leo. It is kind of a little growl.
2. He scoots around on his tummy, but doesn't go forward yet.
3. He loves to walk with us holding on to his hands. We put him in his walker, and he likes it, but he would rather walk with us.
4. Grandma taught him how to "kick" a ball. When he is walking with us we can say "kick" and he will try to kick the ball in front of him. It is so adorable.
5. He is trying out new sounds and likes to say "ba, ba, ba" when he is happily playing. His favorite toy right now is this Fisher Price toy table. He loves to stand.

Great Grandpa Visits

A couple of weeks ago Micah's grandpa from North Dakota came out to Seattle for a visit. We got a call on a Friday night saying he was in town, so the next day we went and picked him up from his brother's house. He came to our house and spent the night. We really enjoyed having him stay with us. On Sunday we went down to Micah's grandparent's house in Auburn to visit with them a little. And of course we had to get a picture of Andrew with three of his great grandparents.