Saturday, February 14, 2009

Andrew Update

Andrew has been doing some new things lately, and it is so much fun to watch. Here are some of the things he is doing:
1. When he sees our cat, Leo, he makes a sound and it is the same sound each time, and he only uses it when he sees Leo. It is kind of a little growl.
2. He scoots around on his tummy, but doesn't go forward yet.
3. He loves to walk with us holding on to his hands. We put him in his walker, and he likes it, but he would rather walk with us.
4. Grandma taught him how to "kick" a ball. When he is walking with us we can say "kick" and he will try to kick the ball in front of him. It is so adorable.
5. He is trying out new sounds and likes to say "ba, ba, ba" when he is happily playing. His favorite toy right now is this Fisher Price toy table. He loves to stand.

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