Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Going to the Fire Station

Last week we took the boys to visit Micah's cousin, Jared, at the fire station he works at. All the firefighters were really nice, and were great at showing Andrew everything. Micah enjoyed getting to put on all the gear, especially since it said "Storer". Andrew really liked going to the fire house and seeing the fire truck and aid cars.

In front of one of the aid cars.
Sitting on the front of the fire truck with two of the fire fighters who showed us the fire truck while Jared was out on a call.
Jared showing Andrew how he puts on all his gear.
The Storer boys.
Daddy and Andrew


Lyndsay said...

So cute!! I never thought about the fact that you guys have a familiy connections for the fire dept...this will be great for homeschooling. :)

Anonymous said...

Great pictures!!! Love that you visited the station!!! What fun! :)