Monday, February 05, 2007

Christmas 2006 Vacation

Kim's family has been planning a vacation together for many years and they finally decided to go on a cruise. I am glad that they waited until I was a part of the family to go because it was a lot of fun. The short version is Seattle, Orlando, Disneyworld, Miami, Costa Maya-Mexico, Grand Cayman, Jamacia, Miami, Orlando, Seattle. But the details are much more interesting. Most of the family met in Orlando at a house near Disneyworld. It was a big house but pack 19 relatives in and it gets quite cozy.
It was there that we received a call from my brother-in-law, Justin (the only person who couldn't go on the vacation due to a scheduling conflict with his first Christmas Concert as an elementary music teacher.) He said that the worst wind storm on record blew through the Seattle area (60-80mph gusts.) There were people who didn't have power for a week or more. We were so sad to have to endure 70-90 degree sunny weather.

Well, back to the phone call from Justin, He said he had some good news and bad news. "Remember the tree in your backyard?" (This is the same tree from the blog post from last year when I was trying to destroy the ivy.) Justin continued, "The good news is that you can finally remove all of the ivy. All the way to the top of your 150ft tree." "However, the bad news is that the wind storm blew it over." I am glad he didn't stop there, he also said that it didn't fall on our house.

A side note: the wind storm postponed his concert until January 22nd which we did get to attend afterall. The bummer is that he didn't get to come on the vacation.

We went to Disneyworld's Magic Kingdom the day after we got there. It was fun, including getting shipwrecked. Which I will have to continue the next opportunity I have to blog.

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