Friday, September 07, 2007

Day 11-Chamonix

This morning we left our hotel, got on the Metro and walked to the car rental place. We picked up our Alfa Romeo and headed out of Paris, unfortunately we didn't find the freeway that circles Paris. We ended up driving an hour out of our way before we eventually found the right road. And did I mention the car seats five and there are five of us adults? It was not the most comfortable car trip, but it was cheaper than taking a train for us.
We stopped in a small town for lunch, but everything was closed since it was Sunday. It was nice to see that things just shut down for Sunday and most people go to church. But since everything was closed we ended up eating lunch at a McDonalds. It's pretty much the same as at home. Then we got back on the road and then stopped in Beaune to get an ice cream cone and just look at the cute little city. We finally arrived in Chamonix over eight hours after we left Paris.
Chamonix is a cute alpine town. It reminded us of Leavenworth, WA. It is set in the French Alps close to the base of Mt. Blanc (the highest peak in Europe, it is over 15,700 feet). The mountains are all around the town and they are beautiful. We spent the evening walking around the town and eating some dinner before we went to bed.

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