Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Days 15-19 in Slovenia

Well, we left Germany and headed to Slovenia. On our way we stopped in Salzburg for lunch and then got back on the road. We arrived at our relatives' house in the evening. We enjoyed a time of visiting and eating dinner before we headed to bed.
On Friday our relatives from Kim's grandma's side came and picked us up to go to see some churches and graves of relatives.We also went to a family farm. It is the farm Kim's great grandma grew up on. While we were there we learned how to cut the grass the Slovenian way and had a wonderful lunch.
After our time on the farm we went to a monastery and watched a short video on the lives of the monks. To end our evening we had a nice dinner at a local restaurant we ate yummy salad, wiener schnitzel and calamari. On Saturday we visited Kim's grandpa's other cousin and also went to the property Kim's grandpa's family owned. It was neat to walk around the property and think of what life would have been like when Kim's great grandpa was born in a house that was on the property. Next, we went to lunch and ate way too much yummy food.
In the evening we went to a tourist spot--Lake Bled. We took a boat to the island in the middle of the lake. On the island is a church and while we were there we got to see a wedding taking place. Micah also carried Kim up the 99 steps, the legend says if the man carries his loved one up all the steps they will have a long happy marriage. We finished the evening by eating the local dessert at a restaurant and then going to a gingerbread factory and being surprised by our relatives having special gingerbread hearts made with our names on them.
Sunday was the day we had a big family reunion with both sides of the family. We enjoyed meeting everyone and getting to know them. We had a wonderful day spending time with family and eating lots of wonderful food.
On Monday we went to the capital city of Lublijana, walked around in the rain and visited the castle. We also drove into the mountains and visited some caves underground. It was amazing how huge the caves are. It seemed surreal.
We had a fabulous time in Slovenia with our family. We enjoyed all the time we spent with them and wished we could have stayed longer.

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