Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hijacked Blogging

Halow, my nam is Inigo Montoya... Actually my name is Leo. But Inigo sounds so ominous and with this picure of myself with squinty eyes I think it fits. I have successfully hijacked Kim and Micah's laptop. When they were typing in their password, I pretended that I was wanting them to scratch my head but secretly I was writing down their login information on my "Scratch pad."

It is of my opinion that I don't get near enough face time on their blog so I am taking matters in to my own paws. I am sick and tired of all this fussing about my Mommy getting a belly and these new things in the house. I thought for sure that Kim and Micah had purchased a new bed for me and were setting it up in the guest room. It was just my size and everything. But then they get a play-pen, and all these little clothing outfits. And they have the audacity to close off the room so I can't even go in there to investigate.Their attention has been oddly transfered from me, to Kimberlee's belly which is not nearly as comfortable to lounge on. They even talk to it and whenever it moves, they get really excited. What's the big deal? I mean really, my stomach makes noises and moves too when I am hungry. All of this attention would be much better spent on me. For example, see this picture of me. Doesn't that just make you want to take a cat nap. Well, until next time I hijack the computer, I will see you later. Don't get too caught up in this whole "Baby Thing." They just grow up to be toddlers who pull hair and throw food. I on the other hand will remain very predictable - calm, cool and collected. I'm not demanding, I just need a few simple things, feed me, pet me, let me outside, let me inside, let me outside again, let me back inside, scratch my neck, scratch my back, feed me again, stir my food so it appears fresh, and give me catnip, don't forget the catnip...

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