Monday, September 29, 2008

Where'd He Get That Red Hair?

This is a question we get ALL the time. It is one of the first questions we are asked when family, friends, and strangers see Andy for the first time. Of course they look and me and Micah and see that we don't have red hair, and so they wonder why our baby has red hair. Well, we tell them that Micah has two aunts with red hair. And that in order for a person to have red hair it has to be a recessive gene on both sides of the family. We found out that there is red hair on my grandma's side.
We were surprised when we saw that Andy had red hair; I was expecting to have a bald baby because I was bald when I was born. Or that we would have a blonde baby since both Micah and I were very blonde when we were little. So we couldn't believe it when we saw his cute red hair. And his red hair is a nice color, it is more copperish than red. We really like Andy's red hair and hope that it stays. We think that his hair is getting to be darker red, but we don't know if that is because he is growing more hair, or if it is changing color. I guess we will have to wait and see what happens.

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Hamon family said...

He is just so cute! I was hoping to get a red-headed baby too, but I got blond. John has red hair and I have some in my family, so maybe the next one. His color really is nice.