Monday, June 08, 2009

Our Garden

We got some tomato starts and they have already grown so much. I can't wait to taste tomatoes straight from the vine.
Here are some more pictures of our garden. Things have really started growing. I took these pictures almost a week ago, and already I can see that our garden has really taken off since I took these. The lettuce has gotten a lot bigger, as well as the carrots, butternut squash and green beans. Our corn has not fared so well, we only have one lone stalk coming up. Thankfully Micah's uncle is thinning out his garden and offered us his corn that he needs to take out, so we will plant those in our garden. Our cucumbers didn't come up the first go around, so a few days ago I planted some more and they have already started to come up. We have had unusually hot weather here lately, so I think that has helped things grow. Last week we hit the 90s on a couple of the days. I am looking forward to when we can start harvesting and eating our veggies!

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Lyndsay said...

I have a lot of corn too and I need to thin it out. If you'd like more your welcome to mine. Just let me know. My darn carrots didn't take at all. I think I just need to replant them. Not one...come on!