Saturday, July 25, 2009

Storer Camping Trip Part 1

This week Micah's family has congregated in the Seattle area. We have had lots of fun while they have been here. We've been busy with going to BBQs, hanging out with my family, going to downtown Seattle, and going camping.
On Tuesday we left and headed to Mt. Rainier for lunch at Sunrise. It was a beautiful day. We had fun eating lunch and ice cream bars, then we tried to leave. But...there was a jack-knifed truck and trailer blocking the road down the mountain, and we were stuck at Sunrise for 2 hours. It was hard to try to keep Andrew, and the other young kids busy while we were stranded in the parking lot. Thankfully Micah's aunt Lynette rented an RV, so we had fun hanging out in there.
Once we were able to leave we traveled the 2 hours to Randal and then on to Walupt Lake. We quickly set up camp and cooked a late dinner. I was ready for bed after a long day. Andrew did pretty well, but he did get cranky in the car, thankfully I had some snacks to keep him busy. And he slept in the tent with us, so he thought that was fun, and wanted to explore before bed, but then he slept well.

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