Monday, May 24, 2010

Seattle International Film Festival

A few weeks back Micah got an email at work saying that they would be giving away some tickets to the Seattle International Film Festival. All you had to do was tell them which movies you were interested in seeing, and they would do a drawing to see who would win the tickets. Our first choice was A Little Help starring Jenna Fischer from The Office. And we ended up getting tickets to it! We didn't expect much, but when we got to the theater we saw that the cast was there. It ended up being the world premiere of the movie, so they were there to promote it. Before the movie started the director, Rob Schiller (who also directed King of Queens and Family Ties), introduced the movie.
At the end of the movie the director and cast got up to answer some questions. It was interesting to hear how an independent movie is made differently than a big studio movie.

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