Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Andrew's Crash

Last night Andrew had a crash on his little car. He was using it to stand on, and of course ended up falling off, and he hit his mouth on our heat register. I went over and held him while he cried, then when I held him out to look at him all I saw was blood all over his mouth. I called Micah and had him clean Andrew up since I cannot stand the sight of blood. But Micah did have me look at it while we discussed if Andrew needed stitches or not. We thought it looked deep enough that we wanted a doctor's opinion. Well, when Micah took him to the urgent care by us they said they couldn't treat him because they do not have the anesthetic for children, and that they don't stitch up cuts in the mouth. Since Andrew's was half in his mouth and half out, we decided to just take him home and keep an eye on it. So far he has been doing really well, and it hasn't bled any more. He was a very brave boy!

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