Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Josiah at 12 Months

Here are some recent pictures of Josiah. Recently I let him try out using a spoon to feed himself. He loves it, and does pretty good for the most part. If he is really hungry he gets frustrated that he can't get the food in fast enough. He also tends to make a big mess, so I pick and choose what I am willing to let him get all over the kitchen floor.
The other morning I came in to get him, and he was sitting like this. I thought it was so cute I had to get a picture, but of course he got mad since I didn't get him out right away. I am still nursing him just for his morning feeding, and he wants to eat right away when he wakes up.
A week after his birthday he took his first steps, and now he is walking all over the place. He can even go long distances. It amazes me how balanced he is, for only walking less than a month. Some cute things he has been doing lately are: giving open mouthed kisses, clapping when he is excited, saying, "nigh nigh da da" (night, night daddy). He is such an adorable little guy we love him so much!

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