Saturday, October 29, 2005

Fireplace Insert, Furnace, Cabinet Doors, Back to School - Who could ask for better excuses to forget to blog

Okay, okay, so I shouldn't have to make up excuses as to why I haven't updated my blog in a long time but I feel so bad about not keeping people up-to-date. October has flown by extremely fast. Kim and I made the decision to have a gas fireplace insert installed when we had the new furnace installed. I know I don't have a picture of the furnace but look how much warmer the house appears. The old one had cracks in the heat exchanger and was about to start leaking carbon monoxide which I have heard is not good for your health. The insert is amazing! It is so nice to be able to turn a switch and have a warm inviting fire to relax around. Plus it really finishes out the living room. We also finally have cupboard doors. Which looks really fancy but it is harder for me to find things now. I really liked being able to see where everything was located. Oh, and an update on the ivy growing on our trees. Good news for the tree bad news for the ivy. After cutting out the "trunks" of ivy the leaves stayed green for a long time but finally they are starting to fall off and look very frail. I am really amazed by how long they have survived without a trunk.

Finally, school. School? Yes, School. I decided that for my future plans it would be a good idea for me to get my "Bachelor's of Science in Management" (you must say that with a big booming voice with lots of echo like in an empty gymnasium or the Grand Canyon, which ever is closer). I want to be able to provide for my family and going this direction will provide me with a larger set of tools and options to go within Boeing as time goes on. I really don't see myself working shift work as a technician for the rest of my life. So my first class was this last Tuesday and will continue weekly from 6pm-10pm for 5 weeks. Then it will switch to Thursday nights for the remainder of the two years.

Also, great news! I got a promotion. I am now a "Senior Simulator Technician" So now when ever you talk to me you must speak with a Spanish accent, "Yes, Senior." If you are wondering, I am still doing the same work. As a technician it is just a constant learning experience so as you get more experience you get promoted. I don't have any more responsibilities as such.


Lyndsay said...

YAY!!! Thanks for blogging! :)

greylaughter said...

Yeppie! My bro has a raise! whoo hoo! i hope that you are doing well, it sure sounds like it! I now have a blog and xanga ... i have joined the ranks of family and friend and got sucked into the world of technology ... it is fun and gets me from stuyding for my accounting test ... oops maybe i have said too much ... (hehe) love you!

Mom said...

Your home looks so nice. I like the clean look of the wood flooring. And the fire place is very inviting. Thanks for posting the photos

Luke Storer said...

Beautiful house Micah, thanks for the update. I bet it is a lot harder to locate things with cabinate doors. And it sounds great that you are furthering your education. Right now I am about to go to Philosophy class. If you ever want to learn philosophy the book "Sophie's World" does a great job summarizing the history of philosophy in an easy-to-read, novel format


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