Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Day 4

Sunday. Today we went to the Victoria Station to find out how to use the tube to get to Hillsong Church in London. We ended up getting a one day Travelpass. The tube is wonderful! I wish we had something like that in the Seattle area. We got to the church early, so we had some time to find an internet cafe and check emails. Hillsong was a lot of fun to go to. The worship was awesome. That day they had a guest speaker, Marilyn Hickey, from Colorado. She is an evangelist who travels the world. She was very inspiring.
After church we found a quick lunch and then headed back to the internet cafe to send out some emails. Then it was time to head back to the hotel to meet our tour group. First, we went to Al and Caroline's room to see them and see how their trip to the English countryside went. Then we went to the breakfast room to meet our group. We spent an hour introducing ourselves, going over what the tour involves and schedules. After our meeting we went on a walking tour of the St. James Park area. While we were on our walking tour we were not allowed to go down one of the streets because there was a film crew filming a scene for National Treasure 2.
It was a car chase scene with Nicolas Cage, and we saw three cars going around with their wheels squealing. On our walk we also walked through Leicester Square and the theatre district.
After our walk, we went to a restaurant by our hotel for our first group dinner. It was a nice three course dinner. We had smoked salmon, sausage, pasta, fish and wonderful desserts.

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