Thursday, August 30, 2007

Day 7-Paris

Today we leave for Paris! We were excited to take the Chunnel to Paris. We had to get to the train station early. While we were waiting there was also a train leaving for Disneyland Paris and they had a musical group play to get the Disney customers excited to go to the park. It was fun listening to them, and it made us wish we were going to Disneyland. But we are going to Paris, so we weren't too disappointed. The train ride was a couple of hours long and we were under the English Channel for only 20 minutes. Most of the trip is going through the north of France. During the trip we enjoyed talking to another couple from our tour group. When we arrived in Paris we got on a bus for a tour of the city. We went by the Opera house, the Louvre, stopped by the Eiffel tower to get pictures, and saw lots of great views of the beautiful city. The bus then took us to our hotel. We had an hour to get settled and then had a walking tour of our neighborhood. After our walk we had a couple of hours of free time. We spent our time looking for crepes, yum yum. We also explored our neighborhood some more. Then it was time to meet our group for a group dinner. We ate some wonderfully yummy food. After dinner we walked through the city to see the Eiffel Tower at night. It was neat to see Paris light up for the night. We also used one of the self cleaning toilets. We got to the tower a little before 10pm. At 10pm it sparkles for 10 minutes, it does the same thing at 11 and midnight. It was beautiful. I found a video on YouTube of the tower sparkling click on the link to check it out. Eiffel Tower lighting up at night. We thought of going up it, but the line was long and we wouldn't be able to get up until 11pm. So we just headed back to the hotel to rest for our first full day in Paris.

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