Wednesday, February 13, 2008

We're having a boy!

Well, we went in for our ultrasound last week and found out we will be having a boy! So we are going to name him Andrew and call him Andy for short. It was so neat to see the ultrasound and see him! It definately makes it feel more real. We now know that Andy is in there and doing great. We go to the dr. tomorrow and she will tell us how long he is and other results from the ultrasound.
We are getting more and more excited for Andy to come at the end of June. We put together the crib we got and set up his room. The day we found out we are having a boy I went to Target with my mom to buy a few boy things--a blanket and a few onesies. We have added those to his room. I can't wait to get his bedroom set and all the other fun, cute baby things!

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jaredstorer said...

Congratulations on the boy!!! You know, with these kinds of results lately, the Storer family name will live on forever!