Saturday, May 23, 2009

Woodland Park Zoo

One of the days we were watching Zach we decided to go to the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle. We have been wanting to take Andrew and figured it would be fun to go while we were watching Zach. My mom came with us and helped out with the two boys. It was a beautiful day to be at the zoo. We saw lots of animals, and had fun watching them. The otters were a lot of fun to watch. They kept swimming down to try to get a fish they saw at the bottom. And we saw the penguins, which are new to the zoo. Andrew was not too interested in the animals. Sometimes he would look and watch them, but he was more interested in all the people. I can't wait to take him when he gets older and can enjoy the animals.

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Mocha Momma said...

I have some pictures of my kids in these same places. The zoo is fun for all. Try Point Defiance too.It is on a hill so you'll get some exercise if you are going to the bottom & back up again. Toddlers are so much fun! Take care. Nannette