Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Reyna and Tex's Wedding

Last week we went to my cousin Reyna's wedding. It was quite the fancy affair at the Four Seasons Hotel in downtown Seattle. The view was gorgeous! When I first found out that Andrew was also invited to this formal event, I was wondering what he was going to wear. My friend Lyndsay (who has two boys around Andrew's age) happened to have a little suit outfit and black dress shoes that she graciously let me borrow. Andrew looked so adorable, and he didn't mind the outfit too much.
When we first got to the wedding Andrew was really shy and wanted one of us to hold him. Thankfully Nana, Papa and Uncle Justin were also there to take turns holding him.
Andrew did really well during the ceremony, partially because he was scared of all the strangers surrounding him and also because Nana came prepared with Mentos. After the ceremony we enjoyed a cocktail hour of hors d'oeuvres and visiting with family. We kept Andrew entertained by taking him to the windows to see the "Big Guy Hammer Man" aka The Hammering Man in front of the Seattle Art Museum, riding on the elevator, and playing with cars I had brought along.

We ended our evening with the reception and a lovely dinner with a fantastic view. Since Andrew was with us, and Micah had to work early the next morning we weren't able to stick around for cake or dancing. We still had a fun time, and really enjoyed seeing how our family members are doing and celebrating with Reyna and Tex.


Lyndsay said...

Oh my goodness...he looks SO handsome! I'm so glad it fit! There are terrific pictures. I love your dress too!

joven said...
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