Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Josiah's Birth Story

On Sunday morning, September 19, I woke up at 2am with some light contractions. I started timing them and they were 4-6 minutes apart. I woke Micah up, and we called the hospital, then we headed out. When we got to the hospital we went to triage and they monitored my contractions and started my penicillin IV that I needed. At 4am I was 3-4 cm dilated, so we knew we still had a ways to go. When we went to the hospital with Andrew we were already 7-8 cm dilated, and this time around I wanted to get to the hospital before that point, so I was happy that we had time to get settled in. When we got a room we dropped off our bags and started walking. We walked for about 45 minutes, and came back to the room since my contractions were getting harder. At 6am I got in the jacuzzi tub, and it was wonderful! The warm water helped with the pain of the contractions. After an hour in the tub I felt like things were progressing fast, and the contractions were at the point where I had to close my eyes and focus on breathing and relaxing through them. And at this point my midwife was done delivering another baby, and was now able to check me. I was now 8cm dilated and 90% effaced, so things were going pretty fast. At 7:30 I felt like pushing, and Josiah was born at 8am.
It only ended up being a 6 hour labor, and I couldn't have planned it any more perfect than it was. I ended up getting the midwife I was hoping for (I went to a practice that has 6 midwives who rotate call). She got off at 8am, and Josiah was born at 8:04. This time around I wanted to get to use the tub and have a more relaxing hospital experience before I went into full blown labor, and we were able to do that. God is so good! And Josiah was born exactly one month before my mom's birthday.

Our nurse Vivian was wonderful, and very helpful.
Laura, our midwife,

Our cute little bundle has arrived.

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The Ames Family said...

Congratulations Kim, Micah and Andrew!! Baby Josiah is just a doll :) Glad everything went so smoothly, Kim!