Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Master Bedroom Makeover

Before Pictures

Recently we changed our bedroom a bit. We had our friend Michael, who is a painter, do some work for us (watch for more posts on the other work he did around our house). One thing we had him do was to take down the wallpaper in our room, and then paint the wall a darker tan. We slightly changed the colors in our room. They were tan, cream and green and now they are tan, cream and blue. We got rid of our green comforter, and replaced it with a duvet cover that is blue, tan and cream stripped. We also got a new dresser from IKEA. It is the one that matches our bed, and I have been wanting it for a looooong time. We still want to get the matching 6 drawer upright dresser, but that will have to wait. And on the wall with our bed we want to hang 3 pictures that have a cream frame and blue matting. Another thing we still want to do is get some blue drapes to cover our lovely foil covered window. :) Our window looks like this so that Micah can sleep during the day when he is on graveyard shift.

After Pictures

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