Sunday, October 09, 2011

Not Your Usual Spam

So, having a blog can attract some interesting spam. We get at least a few bogus "Comments" each week that are just filled with links to people's web sites. For the most part, they are inappropriate and annoying. However, this last week we got a message from a company representative that I just have to share. Not only that but, I feel that with the economy the way it is, the company link is worth sharing. It is a decent job searching site. Well, on to the message:
Hello! I'm so glad that someone else reads books :) I found The Myst Trilogy in your profile, it is one of my favorite ones! By the way, I do not know if you read The Narnia Series, I can recommend it to you, I think you should like it. I just want to thank you for your wonderful blog I read the first post "A Day in the Life of Micah and Kim" and then I spent another hour on your blog by reading your posts with pleasure :) Every article is interesting and easy to read. I really like the "August in Review". I work for Jooble company, we aggregate job adverts around the world. My job is to persuade bloggers to link to our site. I really love my job! We have a friendly team and good management, but unfortunately I have no idea how to convince a blogger to link to us, I'm afraid I might lose my job because of it :( And that is why, instead of sending letters to thousands of different blogs, I am reading yours. Honestly, I am not really sure if the link to our website in United States -, will be appropriate for your blog, but if you believe it will and it is possible to add it, I would be really grateful to you! Our site is really cool, it can greatly help hundreds of people to find a job. I wish you to have a good day and excellent mood! Thanks again for your nice blog. Write more! Thanks!
So, it worked. I am sharing the link. If only more spam was like this. I too, wish you to have a good day and excellent mood.

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