Wednesday, August 03, 2005

27 isn't old when comparing yourself to a rock

Today is my birthday. Well, actually it isn't (it is actually Aug. 8th) but thanks to the wonderful technology of the blog I can just set my date and time back to the 3rd and "Ta Da" it appears as if I wasn't really busy and remiss in my blogging duties. My birthday wasn't really that exciting this year. I got to work on my house a little bit, but as you may be able to tell by my previous entries that wasn't something out of the ordinary.

I am now 27 years old. Writing it down makes it even scarier than telling people. Do you realize that 27 is only 3 years from being 30 and that 30 is only 30 years from being 60. And I am just not ready to be 60. Okay so I may be blowing this a little out of proportion. But just last year at 26 I could still tell myself that I was in my mid 20's. But now...

On to a brighter note. I just found this neat link on the internet. It goes to and they want you to buy something or other. I don't advise buying anything from them. Not because I have anything against them but I just think it is better to save your money for important things like pocket pc phones or chocolate. But for free you put your name in and you can find out it's origin. It is a neat tool. The first link is the blank form, the second is my name.

The Origin of Your Name

The origin of the name Micah Storer

I visited the and checked out some of my birthday happenings on August 3rd and this is what I found out.

1492 Columbus sets sail from the Spanish port of Palos to begin his journey

1861 Last installment of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens is published

1926 Tony Bennett is born (His real name is Antonio Dominick Benedetto)

1940 Martin Sheen is born

1941 Martha Stewart is born

1941 Gasoline Rationing Begins in the Eastern US soon spreading to the rest of the country prior to the US entering World War II


Anonymous said...

Finally the next chapter of the novel!! :)

Thank you Micah! :)

Keith Thomson said...

Thank you Micah (and Kim) for allowing me to share in your life (and new home) when we do not get a chance to visit and 'catch up'. God bless you both. Keith

Luke Storer said...

Happy Belated Birthday Micah! Quite a bit belated I know, but Happy Birthday anyhow.