Thursday, August 18, 2005

Laying Tile or SOD?

After experiencing laying tile I would have to say that I prefer SOD (of course the Sons of Dust type of SOD, not the grass covered dirt.) Yesterday I laid down the mortar for the tile in the entryway. It was kind of stressful. You are always under the pressure of time which I don’t like. I would rather take my time and do a meticulous job. With laying mortar you are under constant pressure not to lay too much of it down at a time or it will dry on the floor. But if you don’t get enough of it down you won’t finish the job before it dries in the bucket. Enough to make a man go crazy. But I did get through it.
The entry is curing as I speak and the next step is the grout. I mixed up a little too much mortar so I used it to start to fill the cracks between the bricks on the fireplace. Unfortunately, it started to ooze out of the spaces between the fake bricks. I guess I mixed it a little too thin.

After tiling I had practice with Sons of Dust. We had to take a new group photo because our last one didn’t have Wayne. It turned out looking like us so that was good. Then we played through some songs preparing for our next concert in Yakima, WA. All in all I came to the conclusion that I prefer SOD over Tile.


Mom said...

With all your tile-laying experience we will know who to call if we ever want to do some. Sounds like quite a job. I like your play on words with the concept of laying tile or SOD.

Anonymous said...

Nice work!

Great photo!

- dad

Luke Storer said...

I knew you band was called Sons of Dust, but this is the first time I noticed that abbreviated it spells SOD, that is cool.