Monday, July 28, 2008

Visiting Grandma and Grandpa Galicic

Andrew is the first grandchild on my side of the family, and the second one on Micah's side. My parents love being grandparents. My mom would always ask me when we were finally going to have kids. I always gave her the same answer--after we had been married for five years. And we were able to keep to our wishes. But my mom has been waiting to be a grandma and now she finally is. It is fun watching my parents with Andy. They love to hold, cuddle, and talk to him. I'm sure they are going to love spoiling him someday soon.
The second week we were home from the hospital my mom had the week off and was able to stay with me and Andy during the day. It was wonderful to have her help; and she made dinner every night for us. During the week we took Andy for a walk, gave him a bath, and packed boxes for moving. And since that week, Andy and I go over to Grandma's every Thursday after we go to Bible study. We spend the day with my mom, and it is nice because she gets to spend time with Andy and I get a nap.

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J. Hamon said...

so cute to see grandparents with their grandchildren! You guys need more pictures I bet he has changed so much! Love Shiloh