Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Week of Firsts

Tomorrow Andrew will be three weeks old. Hard to believe. Time is already starting to go by so fast. His first week he had a lot of firsts. We went on our first walk around the neighborhood and used our Moby wrap. He loves it. He falls asleep almost the instant we put him in it, which is great since he does not always like to go to sleep. Another first was giving him a sponge bath. He wasn't too thrilled with getting it. But since then we have given him a couple real baths and he loves it. He likes the feeling of floating we think. We also took him to his first doctor's appointment. He is doing great, and even has gained some weight. We go in again next week for his one month check up, so we will find out if he is still gaining. We think he is. He already looks bigger to us.

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