Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Projects Part 3

The biggest project I tackled was to make Quiet Books for my nieces, Eden (age 4 and Violet age 14 months). One of my aunts made me a Quiet Book when I was little and I still have it. I recently got it out and Andrew has enjoyed playing with it. Then when I saw that the blog I found the burp cloth templates on also had templates for Quiet Book pages I just knew I wanted to make ones for my nieces. I used ideas from the blog and from my aunt's book to make the pages. I also made up one of my own. Eden likes Hello Kitty so I decided to make a page where she could dress up Hello Kitty. I looked online for pictures of Hello Kitty and then drew my own kitty and clothes. So here are the pages for Eden's book:

The Cover
Page 1-Mailbox where Eden can open the mailbox to find a postcard from Auntie Kim.
Pages 2-3-Eden can button on her first and middle names. Unzip the tent to find a polar bear. (I didn't have any brown felt.)
Pages 4-5-A ladybug to unzip and hide things in. And a fish tank to velcro on the fish.
Pages 6-7-Dress Hello Kitty in clothes or a mermaid costume. And then button the flowers onto the stems.
Page 8-Open the barn to find a chicken, cow and pig finger puppets.

And I used some of the same pages in both girls' books (fish tank, barn with finger puppets and button-on flowers). Here are the pictures of Violet's book:

The Cover
Pages 2-3_Hang the clothes on the line, and match the colored balloons.
Pages 4-5-A clown for Violet to velcro on his eyes, nose, and mouth. And a mitt for her to put her hand into.

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