Monday, December 20, 2010

Weekend of Lights

This last weekend we did some fun outings to see Christmas lights. First, on Saturday we drove to Leavenworth with our friends John, Tricia and their son Aaron. While we were there it ended up snowing! It felt so Christmasy. All of the adults had lots of fun, but the 2 year olds ended up missing their naps, so Andrew was really cranky. And then they both conked out right before the tree lighting. To start out the lighting they had someone come up and talk about the real reason for Christmas and say a prayer over the lighting. It was beautiful to see the buildings light up one by one, and then to see the park of trees light up. What a great way to start our week leading up to Christmas!

We had an early dinner of bratwursts and beer.
Andrew crying and being cranky. He kept saying he was cold, so we got some hot cocoa, but he wouldn't drink he. He was
Josiah hanging out in the Bjorn. He is wearing an adorable hat that a cousin of mine knitted.

Then on Sunday evening we went with my family to the Point Defiance Zoo for Zoolights. We were thankful we are members and get discounted tickets; we didn't think it was worth the full ticket price. Andrew did have fun riding the carousel and seeing the lights, but he kept asking where the animals were.

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