Monday, September 12, 2005

The Holly and the Ivy (minus the Holly)

Here it is, after much anticipation the completed fireplace. Actually it is almost completed. But you hardly notice the couple of trim pieces that still need to be installed.
I also include a picture of Kim Painting that could be duplicated and posted on each of the days I have talked about working on the house. Kim has helped so much by painting molding and touching it up once installed. She is a great worker and for that I am very grateful.

I spent yesterday afternoon trying to catch up with Kimberlee. You see, she went to a 4 year University and at the end they had this very special time called the “Ivy Cutting.” Every student was invited to hold up one section of this huge ring of ivy and then the President of the school came around with a scissors and snipped off a piece for each student graduating. This was to symbolize exiting from school and the entry into the real world.

Well, I obviously didn’t want to be left out. So I had my own “Ivy Cutting.” This ivy was growing up three of the very large trees in our yard. It was getting to the point where I was concerned that it may kill the trees. I didn’t want to lose the shade from the trees or have the trees fall on our house. So I cut the ivy at the base of the tree. The item in my right hand is one of the larger sections of the vine. WOW! It was huge. There were more than ten of these large vines growing up the side of the tree. Above the cleared section around the tree you can see how huge the ivy was. It extends 40 feet into the air. Behind the house you can see the tree in the front yard with the ivy on it as well. That turned out to be quite the project. But now I feel that I am even with Kim. I have had my “Ivy Cutting” as well.

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Luke Storer said...

I am a little confused... you have two pictures at the top of this entry. I recognize the second one... that's the fireplace that we have been seeing pictures of all along, but what is the top picture... am I missing something obvious... I sure hope I don't sound dumb (smile)