Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Joy Electric Pics

I know these pictures are really sad quality but they are taken with my pocket pc and it doesn't fair well in poorly lit locations. However, I did want to share the picture of the people setting up because I thought it turned out really cool with the circular light in the ceiling. The other shot is of Ronnie Martin on left playing the keyboard slung over his shoulder and his live drummer on the right.


MOM said...

I really liked the audio blog - I like your writing too, but it was a fun change to listen to you.

Luke Storer said...

Ha Ha! (Laugh of Triumph) I am back on track! I have now caught up with all of the reading. I think you said that you get notified when people leave comments, but just in case you don't, this is an note to tell you to go back and look for my comments on all the entries after "yard work."


Postscript: Last night, Kayla and I watched Brocky with a bunch of friends in Davidson Lounge

Post Postscript: I don't think I ever mentioned it, but some missionaries in Thailand (the gilberts) say they know you from Trinity, and I am supposed to say hello to you from them.

Post Post Postscript: John (Snyder I think) went to school with you several years ago at Trinity, and he is back, and I think he is awesome. He says Hi too.