Thursday, October 08, 2009

Hawaii Day 2

On our first full day in Hawaii we wanted to relax on the beach, so we drove to Kailua Beach. Andrew fell asleep in the car, and ended up sleeping for awhile on the beach. So we were able to do some swimming while Bob and Patti laid on the beach and kept an ear out for Andrew. Then we enjoyed some laying on the beach, and Micah tried to find some shade.
After Andrew woke up we changed him into his swimming gear and took him for a dip. He held on really tight to Micah, and was the most comfortable when both of us were holding on to him. He was too nervous to really enjoy it.
After the beach we got some shave ice. Oooohhh, so yummy! Much better than a snow cone. Once Andrew got a taste of it he wouldn't let us take more bites, he kept pulling it towards his mouth.
Then we headed back to the house to get cleaned up. Then we were off again. We went to the Pali Lookout and saw some amazing views, but it was REALLY windy so we didn't stay long. After that we went to the macadamia nut farm, then home for dinner. It was a full day.

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