Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hawaii Day 4

On Thursday we started our day off by going to the Pearl Harbor Memorial. I was nervous about how Andrew would do, and it turns out I had reason to be nervous. He fell asleep on the drive over, and then woke up when we took him out of his car seat. This started him off being cranky. So when it was our turn to watch the video before going out to the memorial, he was not happy. Micah tried to keep him entertained while watching, but it wasn't working and Andrew started screaming. So Micah ended up missing the last half of the video. It was so not fun. It was hard to appreciate the memorial while we were trying to keep Andrew quiet and happy. But it is an amazing thing to see an entire battleship laying under the water and thinking of all the men who lost their lives that day fighting to maintain our freedom.

After Pearl Harbor we went to the Dole Pineapple Plantation.
While we were there we took silly pictures, fed the fish and ate yummy pineapple whip ice cream cones. They were so good we were so focused on eating them before they melted that we didn't take a picture. :( But definitely one of the best ice cream cones I have ever had. Also, while we were there some Japanese tourists thought Andrew was the cutest thing and took video of him. We thought it was fun to have strangers want video of our adorable boy, but also a little weird.
We ended our day by going to Turtle Beach. Our guide book said that sometimes there are turtles just laying on the beach, and I was really hoping we would see some. But we didn't. It was still nice to lay in the sun and watch Andrew play in the sand. We also took a walk up the beach. Our guide book also said the Lost beach is just a little bit up from Turtle Beach. We thought we found the Lost beach, but we weren't sure.

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The Date Family said...

I believe that the turtle season is in the spring. I could be wrong though. I love reading all of this!! I can't wait until we go in May. And we're going to hunt down all of the Lost spots. We're a huge Lost geeks.