Monday, October 12, 2009

Hawaii Day 6

In the morning we drove to Diamond Head to hike to the top. It was a warm day, and a good hike with LOTS of stairs. And poor Micah had to carry Andrew the whole way. But once we made it to the top we knew it was worth it. What an amazing view! The water is so crystal clear and blue. And while we were hiking we had more Japanese tourists who enjoyed taking pictures of Andrew, and even wanted to get in the picture with him. They were too cute! At one point we were almost to the end of the hike and Andrew had had enough of riding on Daddy's shoulders so he was reaching down to anyone who would grab him and put him down. So one Japanese lady reached up and took him. Then she had her husband take pictures. She thought it was so great that Andrew wanted her to hold him.
After all of our hard work we stopped for some shave ice to help us cool off. Then we headed to the Kailua Beach for some relaxing in the sun.

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