Thursday, July 14, 2005

A Comment on Comments

An Ode to Those Who Comment

Comments are a wonderful thing
They make me want to laugh and sing
Letting me know that people care
And are enjoying the words that I share

Every time I check my gmail
I clap and cheer when comments avail
Reading every poignant word
Neglecting to reply is quite absurd

So in conclusion, it was easy to see
I needed to tell everyone with much glee
I love your comments every-one
Please continue, never be done

I wanted to thank all of you who have been reading this blog. It has been a pleasure to share my experiences with you. I have been remiss in my expression of appreciation for those of you who choose to comment. So this is my thanks. I hope that my silly poem gets the message acrosss. It is dedicated to you. (especially to the one person who likes invented poetry, you know who you are)

dopad - Thanks for the insight on using the Brush Cutter. I really appreciate it. The funny thing is that as I was working with it and getting frustrated I was thinking that you would be the perfect person to ask the correct method of using this tool. If only I would have had more than 2 hours of rental time calling you would have been an option. Also in response to your suggestion adding links to certain areas. The links that are provided are labeled as to the name of each post. Adding more may be quite a task and I am not sure I am ready for that learning process. Right now I am leaving the site as default and I may play with more settings later.

Luke - In response to your questions - It is a little more difficult to balance three bottles than one. You have to really concentrate on moving as little as possible because you don't want the bottles to separate and move indepenantly. Also, in response to your question as to the start of the Yard? Work? It didn't quite happen like that but I really enjoyed your story about how it could have happened. It actually went something like this:

"Hey Micah," my co-worker said, "My neighbors are starting to revolt. Two ladies came over with a petition from the Homeowners Association asking me to cut down my wildlife reserve. And it needs to happen before the weekend." "Well, I may be able to help," I said. And that is how I got involved. I know it is not nearly as exciting as your story but hey, this is real life, not make-believe.

Christy - I think you should go to both Laos and Brasil. And I think that going to try the food would be a noble quest. And in response to Luke and I being alike. I am honored and humbled to be compared to him. He is a great brother and I think his creativity is something to aspire to. Don't tell him that though because he might get a big head.

In conclusion I wish to share a picture with you. It will disprove all accounts that those people who write or draw on dirty vehicles have no sense of creativity or beauty. I was driving on Hwy 167 southbound and I look over at the back of this semi and see what is pictured. I had just enough time to whip out my pocket pc phone and snap a shot of it. I appologize for the low quality of the picture. But I hope you can still see the details.


Mom said...

How cool ... your poem causes me to want to comment so I can be part of that appreciated group. Then I had to go and read the comments you were referring to. I have such a fun family. I like the dirt art, by the way.

Anonymous said...