Monday, July 25, 2005

Oops! Badge+Fan=No access to Building!

Just a note to remind you. If you happen to wear a badge hanging from a lanyard, you may want to beware when you are leaning over a computer that is being cooled by an external fan. If the badge happens to get sucked into the back of the fan it could be rendered useless in a matter of seconds. It also may startle you because of the loud noise. Not that I have an exorbitant amount of experience in this realm of activity or anything.

I was reaching over this fan to get some measurements for a power supply that I was supposed to order. Now I have to go to the Badge Office to get a replacement before I leave today so I will be able to get into the building tomorrow. Something interesting I noticed when I fished out the tangled wreckage from the fan was that there were small wires hanging out of the broken spots in the badge. I didn't know my badge had wires in it. That was cool to find out.

Anyway, I advise against doing what I did. Unless you are curious if your badge has wires in it too. Sorry I couldn't get the picture to show the wires. My pocket pc camera leaves many pixels to the imagination.


Anonymous said...

I realized, Micah, that we left out an experience that many boys in the 50's and 60's were delighted to participate in.

While it was not critical to your development as a boy, had your dad been more thorough in your education, the sound of your experience with the fan might have brought to YOUR mind the sounds that were brought to MY mind as I read your educational newsbreak (run on sentence, whew.)

We boys of the mid last century used to take mom's clothes pins and attach playing cards to the forks of our bicycles. When we moved forward, the spokes would fan the playing cards making a wonderful motorcycle sound that may have been like your ID card in the fan.

Something that we failed to assimilate into your early education has been generated by your own broad world of experience. Congratulations!

Grandpa Robin

Luke Storer said...

oops! Fun story... I really enjoyed the wording, "my pocket pc camera leaves many pixels to the imagination." that describes it the best.