Monday, June 23, 2008

Almost There

Well, we are now in our 40th week of pregnancy. This may be the last week, or we may have a couple more weeks to go. It all depends on when Andy is ready to come meet us. Everything is still going smoothly. We went to the doctor last Thursday and she checked to see if my body is getting ready for labor. And she told us that I am dilated 2 and 1/2 centimeters! That means that I only have 7 and a half more to go. (You have to be dilated 10cm before they let you push in labor.) So that means my body is getting ready and we could go into labor anytime now. We are still bracing ourselves that Andy will come late because there are many women who walk around dilated for weeks.
This last week we also decided to have a doula (a labor coach) help us with our birth. Her name is Autumn and we met her at church. She is a doula in training and needs to get more birth hours and so she is doing our birth for free! What a blessing! And it is definatly a plus that she is a fellow Christian and will help us remember that God is with us and in control.
One of the annoying things about my pregnancy lately has been my swollen feet. With the warmer weather and Andy pressing on my veins, my feet have started to swell. Sometimes it gets worse than other times--like when I've been standing awhile, haven't had enough water to drink, or haven't been putting my feet up. I can't even fit into most of my shoes. This has made me want to be done with pregnancy and have Andy out so my feet can go back to normal.
We are looking forward to meeting Andy and seeing what he looks like. He is due to arrive this Friday, but we shall see. To help keep our minds occupied we have planned some fun things for this week while we wait: lunch at Cheesecake Factory, shopping, going to see Disney/Pixar's new movie Wall-E, and lunch at Spiro's.

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Josh said...

Good luck with everything! Hope you don't have to wait around too long...that part is not fun! Just wondering how the Wall-E movie is...Josh and I have been wanting to go see it ha ha!