Monday, June 09, 2008

My Wonderful Husband

Micah has been so helpful and great during our pregnancy (and always has been). He has been doing the dishes, helping sweep the floors when my back hurts, helping me indulge in my cravings, and even cooking dinner sometimes. A couple weeks ago I was busy all day on a Saturday, and it was the day it was 90 degrees here. I came home and Micah was making tacos for dinner, had a bouquet of roses for me along with two bags of Doritos (I have been craving them for over a month) and he said we were going to get dessert later--warm chocolate melting cake. We also stopped by Coldstone Creamery to get some quarts of ice cream with a coupon and gift card. Then we headed to Olive Garden to get our chocolate cake to go. It was fabulous and went well with some chocolate ice cream. What a nice way to end such a hot day!

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