Monday, June 09, 2008

One Month To Go

Well, we are now in our ninth month of pregnancy. Andy's due date is at the end of the month on the 27th. However, we are expecting him to come late, hopefully on July 4th! But we shall see, he will come when he's ready. We went to the doctor last week and it was the first time she checked to see if I have started to dilate. I was not surprised to find out that I am not dilated at all.
I am getting bigger and more uncomfortable. It is getting harder to sleep and change postitions while sleeping. At the end of the day the bottom of my stomach starts hurting and I sometimes hold it up the help ease the discomfort. I tell Micah that I turn into an 80 year old woman at the end of the day since it takes me longer to get up from sitting and I feel so stiff. Overall, though I feel very blessed to have had such an easy pregnancy so far. The discomfort isn't all that bad, and I figure it could be a lot worse.

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