Monday, June 20, 2005

Caruaru Saturday - Monday

Well, we had just arrived and we had just enough time to get cleaned up and ready for the tea that we were putting on that evening. The tea was put on for the ladies of the church. It was well received and they seemed to really enjoy it. Aunt Lynette spoke and did a very good job. And Evelyn's scarves that she made to give them were a big hit. During the Tea, Al gave his presentation on Personal Financial Planning to the men of the church. After cleaning up after the tea we were very glad to sleep again. That was Saturday.

Sunday was church in the morning, out to eat at a chinese restaurant for lunch, church for a small village in the afternoon and big church in the evening. I was able to help with music by playing my Bass Guitar in the afternoon and evening services. I guess the services in the evenings get the largest turn-out here. Phil has been putting my Balancing talents to work as well in the afternoon and evening. A few of our group spoke in the evening service including me sharing what God has done for us.

It was wonderful to see a family that we saw at the Chinese restaurant and invited, come to church that night. Phil said that he had invited the father but that he hadn't come. He told us to invite him because he is an English teacher here in town. Now the teacher heard that there is another group coming after ours and is asking if he can tag along to improve his English. This will be a great opportunity to share the love of God with him.

After another long day we were happy to get to bed again.

Today is monday and as you can see I have a little free time to be able to finally update my Blog. It is very nice. We slept in, had a small group meeting and then some free time. Justin (my brother-in-law) is not feeling well today. He is running a fever so he will rest today. His mother, Caroline is going to the hospital to visit with a doctor that goes to Phil's church here. She may get to watch a few surguries too. Our plan is to prepare for the village Tea that we will be putting on Tuesday night. Getting tables, chairs, and other items out to the village. It is about 10 miles out of town but takes at least 30-45 minutes to drive because the roads are so bad. We are talking worse than the road out at my Grandparents (Seidler side) can get (for those who know it). There is water covering the road in many places and deep ditches carved out by water going across the road.

So I will try to keep you up to date. Talk to you soon. And for those who are wondering. I left my Pocket pc phone at home. And I am finding it very difficult to cope. I am going through withdrawal and I keep on trying to adjust it on my belt.

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