Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Caruaru Wednesday

Wednesday was spent preparing to visit a children's home--Mansao da Vida, and then going to visit the home. A group of us went out and shopped for things the kids need and like. Phil says there are no other groups or people who do anything for this children's home and the kids are starving for love and affection. As a group we purchased 50 towels for the home and a lot of candy for the kids to enjoy. We were surprised at how much we could buy for the money we had. We spent 30 dollars US on candy and there was so much. There was enough for the kids to have for the next month or so.

When we got back to the house we ate lunch and got ready to go see the kids. All of us loved going to the children's home. We had kids hugging us and giving us kisses. They loved having their picture taken and then they liked to see it on the digital cameras. While at the home we sang worship songs and had a little service. Al and Caroline each spoke about how much God loves each of them. Then I got up and did some balancing, silly faces and magic tricks. After performing I spoke to the kids about mercy and how even though we have all done bad things, God loves us and sent His Son to die for our sins. I layed out the plan for salvation. About 29 of the kids accepted Jesus as their Savior. It was so great to be used by God and see him working! Please keep these children in your prayers. After our little service we had the kids line up to get their treats. They loved getting the candy and a balloon. When it was time to go it was hard to leave them.

In the evening we went to the mid-week church service where Justin and I helped with worship. Then Justin and Caroline gave their testimonies. Justin worked hard and learned some Portuguese phrases. Both Justin and Caroline talked about trusting in God. Al spoke on finances and taught about debt and giving. After the service Kim and I talked with the worship leader, Marcius, and his wife. It was interesting talking with them since we did not speak each other's language. Marcius knows a little English so we got along okay, but there were times when we had to do charades.

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Luke Storer said...

It is so amazing when God uses you. You have these things you can do, and God takes those things and uses them to His advantage. I mean, how silly is it that you can balance things, but God uses that for His glory. And each person on your team appears to have their own talents and gifts that they are able to use, Justin with Music, Al with money, each of you with your testimonies... that's pretty cool!