Monday, June 27, 2005

Natal - Sunday

Sunday we went to "AleCrim" in the morning. (This is the central church of the Natal Mission that started in a tent. It is pronounced "Ah Lay Cree") This church was close to the hotel and so when we were picked up at 8am for church at 9am we got there plenty early. So rather than wait we had our faithful van driver take us to the McDonalds. It is one of the only two in Natal. When we arrived we found out that it was closed! So I guess there is only one McDonalds in Natal now. Church went well, Justin, Lynette and I played the song "Yes Lord, Yes Lord" for them. I just played the bass and Justin and Lynette sang. They seemed to enjoy it.

After church we went to a Chinese restaurant for lunch. It was buffet style and very good food but there was one different thing about it. After you picked up your food and before you went to sit down they weighed your plate. So you were only charged for the amount of food you actually took. Interesting concept. It was fun to visit with the other people who came from church. There was a guy named Filip (pronounced "Fill Leap"). So now I know two people with that name. He was the pastor's son. He is going to school to become an Electronic Engineer so we had plenty in common.

After eating we quick drove by the beach and took a few pictures. We then walked out to an old military fort at the end of the beach. We didn't have time to go in but it was really cool looking from the outside. The rest of the afternoon was spent resting up for the evening service.

We went to the Rocas District Church in the evening, it used to be a movie theater. Justin, Lynette, and I also were able to play a few songs with them for their worship service as well. Al shared his message on finances as well. Afterwards they had really yummy sandwiches for us. Monday was going to be a day of rest for us but plans change.

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